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On Sleep

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I’ve always been more of a night person. Given my druthers, I’d fall asleep around 1am and wake up around 9, I think.

That’s all changed,of course. Twice a week I’m up at 5:45 for a 6am personal training session, one day a week I wake up before 5:30am to make it for my mens group meeting, and the other days Annika climbs into bed around 6:30 (if I’m lucky), otherwise Savita is up and making noise before then.  I still don’t tend to go to bed until 11pm or so. And I wonder why I’m struggling to stay awake in the afternoon.

My nephew’s 1st birthday was this weekend. Lots of fun, including having some family stay over our house for the weekend. Reminded how lucky I am in that way.

We need to figure out if we’re putting Annika in preschool 5 days a week next year or 3 days a week (mon-wed) . Looks like most of her friends are going to the 3 day program ,  although with Savita in school for a two day program (thursday and friday) as well it would be nice to get both of them out of the house for two days.  Sounds like I may be standing in line when registration opens next Monday regardless.  I hope it warms up a little before then.

Damn it’s cold. I wish I was handier than I am, because I know there are draft and other issues that make some of the rooms much colder than the others. I can caulk, of course, but the problems may be bigger.  The one side of the house that the garage is on is just COLD. Dont know if its solely because of the garage or if there are opportunities  to air seal along the foundation. Might have to spring for an audit, although last I checked they were a little pricey.





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Jan. 23rd, 2013 06:38 pm (UTC)
I was a morning person and am now being dragged, painfully, into becoming a night person. Its the only time we get things done around the house.

For what's its worth. We put our three year olds in a three day program and then the pre-K in 5 day. Both programs were only for 3.5 hours a day. Oh and I had no decision in this. Not that I minded since K* is an early education type. The kids seem to be adapting well to both. Good Luck choosing something for Annika.

It is too friggin' cold!
Jan. 23rd, 2013 06:43 pm (UTC)
it's too cold!

I know you have been dragged kicking and screaming into becoming a morning person. Poor Mo.

I *am* a morning person and I still drag in the afternoon...it's not just you! :)
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